Saturday, April 30, 2011


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To date, the movies have not done justice to one of Batman's greater foes - Bane. The George Clooney lead, Joel Schumacher directed fiasco of film depicted Bane as a brainless muscle-bound clod. Nothing could be further from the truth, and fortunately in the next film they appear to be getting it right.

Like most great comic characters, Bane has undergone many changes and has even turned "good" in the comics. That may be overstating things a bit - he has been redeemed anyway. What makes him remarkable is that is the first to ever really take Bruce Wayne out of action, and develop the concept of someone else, typically Dick Grayson, filling the Bat-suit.

Schumacher went wrong with the movies is oh-so-many ways, but one of them had to be that he let the visuals of Bane override the depth of character there. The villain is genius or else he would have never been able to get his hands on Batman to break his back to begin with. Batman survives, in a world of meta-human abilities without any of his own, by being a master strategist. Bats can, and has, handled Superman, he can certainly handle Bane, if all he is is muscle-bound.

It is the combination of strength and guile that makes Bane so interesting, and lacking the egomaniacal drive of a Lex Luthor, who has often donned strength enhancing mechanical suits to compete against Supes, he is free to use his guile to enhance his strength.

Bane is a baddie for the ages, and I am glad to see his film fortunes being revived. Nolan should get it right.

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