Friday, April 01, 2011


Defining "Reality"

I grow weary of people trying to "fix" history. MSNBC runs a piece on a PBS show about the "historical accuracy" of some Biblical accounts:
Did King David and Solomon actually exist? The long-running debate over the accuracy of biblical accounts is resurfacing on TV and in print.
Does Alan Boyle exist? After all, I have never met him, nor have any archaeologists produced any peer reviewed papers of findings confirming his existence.

It is conceivable and theoretically possible that electrons have randomly organized themselves inside MSNBC servers to produce his work, or that a cabal of science geeks have created him as a front since they do not wish to take any credit for their own work. Maybe the people that read him just want his work to be real so badly that they have created this unintentional conspiracy to foist his thoughts on the rest of the world, and history.

Fact of the matter is,the show he reviews is about a search for King Solomon's mines - an extra-Biblical legend the sprung into prominence primarily in the Victorian era. This has almost nothing to do with Biblical accounts the history of Israel, Judaism or Christianity.

And yet, Alan Boyle sees fit to open his piece questioning the very fact of one of the most pivotal moments in world and religious history.

No, no agenda journalism here. Sheesh - give me a break.

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