Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Distinctive, but not Different?

Justin Taylor reprint some comments trying to understand the verses in Titus on dissension. I just does not sit right with me. They seem to want to carve out a place where it is "OK" not to take the verses literally.

They make distinctions, but is there a difference? See, I don't think there is an intellectual answer to the issue. It is not about, "Where is the line where we have to split?" It's about who we are when we disagree.

I just wish that sometime we would quit focusing on the lines and start focusing on who we are when we are near them. It seems to me that if we are God's people, attuned to Him we will make the correct decision in each instance and it will not be the same decision every time.

Our first response to a divisive situation should not be to evaluate where it stands in the priority of things to get angry about. What we should do is drop to our knees and pray for guidance. The answer lies not in intellectual activity, but in submission.

Submission - that's a difference.

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