Friday, April 08, 2011


Ever Want To Puke?

YES! - When I read this:
Ronnie Hill is an evangelist who is intent on "trying to reach the masses any way we can."

"I want to dream bigger for God. I don't want to put Him in a box."

Such convictions helped inspire Hill to develop a website -- -- where people visiting the site can watch a three-minute Gospel presentation and then enter a contest for a chance to win a new vehicle.

Imagine Hill's surprise, then, when he won a car himself, a 2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe worth $50,000. All he had to do to enter the contest was to take a test drive at a car show he attended.
Read the rest of the story if you want, but be sure and have a bucket handy....

Let's lay aside the whole prosperity gospel aspect of this story and focus on the idea that people will meet Jesus from a 3-minute video they viewed to win a car. No follow-up (unless you ask) no relationship, nothing but talk. I don't know what that is, but it sure as *&^% is not evangelism.

If we have reduced Christianity to something this shallow, there is officially nothing left.

I truly am not smart enough to know how God will treat people that prayed the Sinner's prayer and then continued life as if nothing had changed. But it is that very uncertainty that makes me long for to explore deeper and take others with me. To be satisfied with so little is to leave open the possibility that it is not enough and that I have accomplished nothing. to "put it entirely in God's hands" is to give myself permission not to care.

Maybe I don't want to puke, maybe I just want to cry.

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