Thursday, April 28, 2011


Frog In The Frying Pan

A Place For The God Hungry looks at some interesting juxtapositions:
# A lawyer who has no will.
# A funeral home director who gives no thought about his own death and funeral.
Just to cite a couple and then asks:
One question I might ask myself is, “Are there contradictions in my life that are destroying my credibility?” Perhaps a blind spot that so many of us have in common is our failure to see the glaring contradictions in our lives.
We are "frogs in the frying pan" when it comes to our own lives. You know, you drop a frog in boiling water and it jumps out, but you put it in tepid water and bring it to a boil, frog stays put. It's never the big spectacular sins that come to those of us that have been Christians for decades, its the gentle creep of the little ones.

I reflected on that fact this morning. I still struggle to maintain my weight and this morning I realized I had slipped into some eating patterns that had signaled the regain of weight from a weight loss I did in college! What I was eating this week would not of itself produce weight gain, but, it was a type of eating that told me I no longer had as tight a grip on my eating. Time to rethink, re-pray and re-discipline.

That's what accountability is all about, both to self and too others. What are the "tell" in your life? How do you gain perspective on whether the pot is starting to boil?

May I suggest lots of time in scripture, in prayer, and with people.

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