Tuesday, April 19, 2011


From Death - Life

Douglas Groothuis:
The only one who has met death and conquered is Jesus of Nazareth. The only way to find hope in the face of death and eternal life and resurrection after death is through trusting in the matchless, death-defeating Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. By this truth, I shall live, and die, and live again.
The Christian does not avoid death - he/she conquers it - we occupy it, we control it, but it is still a a part of our being. It is inevitable.

"Eternal life" does not mean no death - it means life after death.

Why do we act as if we can avoid death? And does not such make little use of our faith. Medicine keeps pushing death back, but only Christianity can wake up on the other side of it.

I think the church would be a very different pace, if only we truly grasped this.

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