Monday, April 25, 2011


Thankful Transformation

Mark Roberts:
But thanksgiving did transform me, and in this sense it did also transform my ministry. When things in the church were going well, my taking time to say "Thank you" to the Lord enriched my appreciation of his grace. I'm one of those people who can rush right by God's gifts without stopping to delight in them. Thanksgiving slows me down so that I might actually enjoy God and his goodness. It enables me to relish the good times, which leads to further gratitude and deeper joy.

Thanksgiving also helped to keep me humble.


Thanksgiving also helped me discover God's presence in difficult times and challenges.
MArk is talking about how his being thankful improved his attitude towards his ministerial vocation, but I could not help but reflect that such an attitude can help any of us, in any setting.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I think thankfulness is the only possible way to approach the Lord.

I have seen far too many of my friends children come to expect the blessings that their parents gave them, never once stopping to thank them. One in a situation of deep trouble and problem responded to their parents arrival by simply leaving, both the local and the entire mess for the parent to clean up - never uttering even so much as a "Glad you are here."

How often do we treat God like that? He has blessed us so richly. But being thankful is about more than the blessings - it is about placing ourselves in the right position.

What place are you in? I know I need to me more in the position of thanksgiving.

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