Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The Wading Pool

Ron Edmondson, church consultant extraordinaire, has a lot of good things to say - but this is NOT one of them. Back around Christmas he tried to write about "gifts of Christmas, in this example - joy:
Joy is that constant emotion of fulfillment as we humbly place our child-like faith in our very capable Savior! The state of joy is when we know that through it all, God will remain victorious. Happiness is fleeting, but joy is forever!

Joy is an inner strength, peace and contentment that supersedes everything that is going on around you! Joy is like saying, “through it all, no matter what…I will praise the Lord!”
That's fine, but it is so shallow. How do we find joy? How is it different than thankfulness? How do we transition from saying joyful things to actually being joyful? I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Church consultants are great organizational guys, but most of them never go deep. See that's the thing - if the church is going to reach its potential and actually change the world we need to go deep. We need to be different from the world and different on levels the world does not even know exists.

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