Monday, April 04, 2011


What Do You Sing?

Justin Taylor links to a coupe of pieces about "Singing Songs About God's Judgment. Go read it and the posts it links to - I'll wait.


OK, good - I'd have had to quote too extensively to say this so I hope you have read it.

The whole thing just did not sit right with me - two misconceptions. The first is that Singing=Worship. No, No, and NO - singing is part of worship, but it does not define worship. Worship is sacramental, it is obedience - it is granting God Kingship. Not to mention that singing can be as empty and void of genuineness as any other ceremonial activity - singing is singing - we make it worshipful or we do not.

Secondly, while worship is the basis for all that a Christian does, in a democracy it is not of itself a political activity. In a tyrannical nation where it is forbidden or restricted, it is political activity, but in America, it takes more.

Now, if you equate singing with casting a vote - then you have something, but that's stretching a metaphor don't you think?

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