Thursday, April 14, 2011


Who Get's Paid?

There was a discussion a while back at BHT about who should get paid at church. I doubt I captured all the discussion, but here is some:

As is typical for BHT, lots of opinions, some right, some wrong. What was interesting to me is that the discussion was so pragmatic and not very theoretical/theological. The last post starts to get there, but only makes it part way.

See, it's not about rules, or "should's," or "deserves" - that is the point of Paul's comments on the issue. It's about humility and charity.

Humility in that everyone int he church, on all levels should be seeking to serve God at the maximum of their capability and capacity without concern for compensation. When I hear a church staff member complaining about their pay, that;s when I know they have spiritual issues.

Charity in that the church should seek to give everyone as much as they can, whether those gifts be financial or otherwise.

There is no quid pro quo, no "compensation," no payment. There is service and there is charity. The instant it becomes about compensation is the instant it becomes at a minimum legalistic - and often much worse.

That's what the BHT conversation had to get practical. There are no "Biblical guidelines." - it;s not about rules. It's about attitude and who we are as Christians.

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