Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Christmas in May II

Justin Taylor quotes poetry by Spurgeon and Sam Storms on "The Glorious Paradoxes of God Incarnate." It set me to wondering - how do we deal with the incomprehensible? Why do we struggle so to understand that which cannot be understood?

Sometimes I think that such a struggle may be a root sin. It is, in a sense an effort to be God - to try and have a "God's eye view" of how things work. It should be a place where we learn our limitations, and yet we work so hard to overcome.

I wonder what is to be learned from simply saying, "I don't know - I can't know," and focusing instead on the marvelous fact that regardless it still all works.

I could write a long time describing the dual nature of Christ's being, but sometimes, in fact I wonder if not all the time, it should be enough to simply say - "It's true."

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