Monday, May 23, 2011


The Church Is "Missional," We Are "Attractional"

Churh Marketing Sucks:
There’s been a big debate for awhile about missional and attractional churches, and recently the AND Conference posited that these two don’t have to be separate choices, but can coexist. I’ve been a part of both type of churches in the past, but never an “And” church. It looks like you’re not in the same boat as me.
My headline says pretty much what I think about the issue proper, but as usual I see others things involved as well.

We spend so much time worried about "the church" and not much worried about ourselves. We join the church, we lead the church, we serve the church, we market the church, we position the church - we do a lot of church stuff. But in all of that we forget we are the church.

I am a political conservative, of that you can have no doubt. The free market tools of institution are the best economic and social tools in a world full of sinners.

But the church has different tools and an entirely different source of authority. Government and business exists to control people and to entice people. The church exists to change people.

Debates like "missional v attractional" miss the point of being the church. That's effective stuff for a sinful world - but the church exists to end a sinful world and usher in a world without sin. We operate on a completely different paradigm.

Think about it....

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