Saturday, May 14, 2011


Comic Art


OK, you need to invent a villain, someone with a lot of power to battle the Hulk. You don't draw so good, nor are you much of a writer. What do you do? You come up with a figure that is basically a bunch of squiggly lines and has an unpronounceable name - That's right, you invent Zzzax. A sentient ball of electrical energy, Zzzax is really pissed off because no on can say his name right so he runs around creating destruction where ever he goes.

Now, let's stop down and think about this for a minute. One has to create a whole lot of destruction to make the Hulk look like the good guy. The Hulk is pretty much a destruction machine all on his own, so this guy must be pretty nasty. But just over a name? I mean sure, the invention of Zzzax probably represented the low point in Marvel's creative abilities in regards the the speech impaired community, but should not they be the ones on the rampage, not old Z-boy himself.

Not to mention the fact that there are some serious physics problems here. Electricity tends to disburse unless there is a capacitor or a conductor around somewhere. Not to mention that while our intelligence is a product of electro-chemical impulses, they too need a bit of organization called neurons - a brain even.

But mostly this guy needs a name. How's about "Zapper - the giant walking pest control device"? Yeah, that's the ticket!

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