Wednesday, May 18, 2011


How Does God Approach Money?

So, this blog supporting a book - Godonomics - appeared and disappeared after the initial publicity push. Interesting stuff and the particular post I kinked to on self-sufficiency is something I agree with whole-heartedly. But I still had a problem.

It's actually very hard to pin down if God is a socialist, a capitalist or just what. So any book that claims to have figured it out bothers me. The Pentateuch is chock full of private property rights and Acts 2 is pure socialism if I ever read it.

In the end, I am not sue God has an economic system in mind - I think he has us in mind. Good people in a capitalist society will work. Good people in a socialist society will work. Good people will combine the right amounts of charity and self-sufficiency - compassion and energy. In the end systems won't matter.

I am troubled by books like this becasue we allow them to divert us. When we should be asking how to be better people ourselves, we instead ask how to build a better system - we look to the speck in the other guy's eye when we should be looking at the plank in our own.

How does God approach money? He doesn't - God approaches us - we approach money.

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