Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Oh, Go Ahead, It's OK

"Waste" Your Sports.

Justin Taylor pimps a C.J. Mahaney "booklet" entitled Don't Waste Your Sports:
“I had the opportunity to glorify God in my sports,” C.J. writes, “and I fumbled it. I wasted my sports. You have the opportunity, by the grace of God, not to waste yours.”
Plain and simple - God is glorified by WHO YOU ARE. If you are excellent at something, if you do that thing with good character bearing fruit of the Spirit God is glorified. You don't have to have "John 3:16" eye shade like Tim Teabow (Nothing wrong with it mind you but it does NOT mean Teabow glorifies God more than his devout linemen) You do not have to drop to your knees in thanksgiving after you score a touchdown (In fact Christ warns us in places against ostentatious public prayer) and you do not need to wear a cross around your neck that flies around hitting you opponent in the eye when you drive the lane.

Most of us participate in sports to enjoy the participation - God is glorified in the fact that we can enjoy anything. Think about it - The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, pe.... You mean, that to express joy is to glorify God? Yeah, uh-huh.

God sanctifies us, not what we do. Just as we are saved by faith not works, so it is with our sanctification - it's who we are when we do what we do, not what we do.

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