Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The Prophetic Voice

Mark Daniels preaches on Jeremiah:
Live each day in repentance and trust in Jesus Christ and watch how God turns your mourning into joy, your gladness into sorrow, and your doubts into unshakeable faith in the One Who died and rose to make you new and to give you an eternal future with God! Amen!
Mark rightly points out that Jeremiah's prophetic voice, often ignored becasue the message is so harsh, is really a voice of hope.

Hope becasue the call to repentance is not a call to wallow in our own shortcomings, but a call to sweep them off the table so that the great feast of Christ can be laid before us.

There is no good news without bad news, without both there would be only news. Yes, we are sinners - an inescapable fact. Salvation is here fore us, but only when we confront that fact, for if we do not confront it, if it is not real we have no need for salvation.

The prophetic voice is not harsh - it is the preaching of the gospel pure and simple.

Would that there were more prophets.

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