Friday, May 27, 2011


Winning - Christian Style

Pastor Steven says "One of the biggest dangers that any church faces when trying to reach people who are far from God is comparing itself to other churches...It’s dangerous because if you want to reach other people for Christ, your competition isn’t other churches. It isn’t a matter of if you have better music than other churches. Better videos than other churches. Even better community than other churches. That’s not your standard of comparison.

Why? Because none of the people you are trying to reach are attending the church down the street, the megachurch across town, or even attending the online church in their underwear.
There is a lot to agree and disagree with about this. I agree, churches in general are not in competition with each other. The whole thing where we try to grow by being better than the church down the street so we can draw their people does nothing but kill churches.

But when the church focuses on evangelism exclusively, at the expense of being the WHOLE church, there is danger.

The real point is the church should be huge and getting huger. [sic] And with that, if it is done well, should come a large variety of expression, theology, commitment, sacramental practice.... Some of the combinations of these things will be better liked and therefore have bigger churches than others - some churches will need to learn to be content with being not so big.

IT strikes me that those that want to pull the "whole church under one roof" are really little different than the Catholic Church just prior to the Reformation. They have confused earthly power for God's purposes. IT may not be the political power of Rome, instead it is the market power of the current era, but it's not that different a phenomena.

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