Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Can't Be Done

Joe Carter passes on the question:
What’s the Message of the Bible in One Sentence?
I find myself wondering if this is a useful exercise or an invitation to mischief, even if well-intentioned mischief.

On the one hand it is a useful exercise to distill something, But Scripture, as the word of God, is more than just information to be distilled - It is God speaking to us, often in the moment and at different moments He will have different things to say to us.

Secondly, Scripture is a guide for life, and life simply cannot be distilled into a sentence or two.

In this age of solutions in a box, I think the last thing we need to do with Christianity is put it in a box. That reduced THE GOSPEL to something that is merely another consumer choice. It accentuates the trend of compartmentalizing life.

We need an expansive view of Christianity.

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