Saturday, June 11, 2011


Comic Art


So, I run across this post, "Bad Guys Gone Good" and I read it, and I note that my personal favorite in the category is missing from the list. And so I figure I need to compile my own list for the category which I will do beginning today with that very favorite - JUGGERNAUT. Some say he has not really "gone good," but this guy is just too cool to not really be good. He has recently gone back to the dark side after a turn with the X-Men and the New Excalibur, but somehow I think his popularity will bring him to the good side to stay at some point. He is, after all, brother to the famed Professor X.

SO, what makes Juggernaut so hot? O come on, Hulk level strength in that costume? Do you really need to ask. There is something about the no neck look of this guy that just draws you in and keep you looking. Of course, it was impossible to reproduce in the third X-man movie where he made his cinematic debut, but that was the least of the problems. He was way too physically small and way too underdeveloped as a character. So, If you want to know Juggernaut - ignore the jerk in the movies. Like the Hulk, he has to be CGI or not at all.

The most interesting aspect of this character is his origin - he is not mutant, he is magic. His power comes form some of the same forces that Dr. Strange calls upon. Somehow, I think there ought to me a miniseries in that and maybe it ought to be how Cain Marko finally goes good to stay. After all, Strange calls upon the Crimson Bands of Cytorak for good purposes, meaning his magic is able to tame the bad. Could he not tame the bad in Cytorak's avatar - Juggernaut? I hope so.

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