Saturday, June 25, 2011


Comic Art


So, I am trying to think of who to do this space on and it dawns on me, I have never done a "So Bad, They're Good" dedicated to certainly the best movie superhero villain of all time - General Zod.

Frankly, Zod's presence in the comics is barely notable. He was around in the very early days, and pretty well accounts for the existence of the Phantom Zone, (Comics Code Authority device to avoid Supes having to kill the really bad ones.) But it was the second Christopher Reeves movie that pushed this guy over the top into superstardom.

Many, I think like Zod because he was so melodramatic in the film - sort of Shatneresque, but I think Terence Stamp played him at precisely the right pitch - a kid would swallow it whole and an adult saw the tongue planted in the cheek.

I am deeply saddened that I could not find images of Zod from the very early days of comics (that's the source of the beret you see in some of these images) when he was brightly festooned - almost clown-like, constantly plotting his next escape from the Phantom Zone. But alas, we live in a far more complex world - a world in which all we can truly do is kneel before Zod.

Enjoy the video.

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