Monday, June 27, 2011


Deal With It

Ron Edmondson has written about "controlling leaders." He finally offered three options for what to do with them:

I have some experience here and I thought I would offer my two cents - Walk Away - Quit. Yes, in the end it will be good for you becasue challenge just gets wearing and compromise never lasts with the truly controlling, eventually their need to control, particularly if yo are successful takes over. But the reason reason to quit is to teach the controller something.

You see, the fact is that no one can actually control that much - can;t be done, we lack the capability. The controlling leader will, of necessity, fail. They will either learn from their failure or the enterprise will falter completely. One hates to see an enterprise falter, particular one we love, but there are lessons in that if it happens as well.

But in reality that is unlikely, most of the time the controller learns, or moves on when things falter in order not to face the lesson. Yeah, there might be mess to pick up, but in the end things tend to restore themselves to order.

Not to mentiont he fact that quitting teaches it's God's problem, not ours.

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