Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It Should Go Deeper

Al Mohler discusses intellectual discipleship:
A robust and rich model of Christian thinking—the quality of thinking that culminates in a God-centered worldview—requires that we see all truth as interconnected. Ultimately, the systematic wholeness of truth can be traced to the fact that God is himself the author of all truth. Christianity is not a set of doctrines in the sense that a mechanic operates with a set of tools. Instead, Christianity is a comprehensive worldview and way of life that grows out of Christian reflection on the Bible and the unfolding plan of God revealed in the unity of the Scriptures.
First of all - Christianity is not a worldview; Christians have a worldview, but it is not what makes them Christian. It's not a 'way of life' either - Judaism so qualifies.

Those things are components - important components no doubt, but they are not the whole story. Above all else, Christianity is spiritual and supernatural. Those components, and others, at their best guide is towards the spiritual and supernatural. I, for one, cannot claim to have reached that level, but I do know that level is what I seek.

It is important when we discuss the path to Christ that we remember, at least as best as we can, the destination. To often we confuse the path with the destination and the result is that, like the Israelites, we wander the wilderness, but never reach the Promised Land.

I have spent so much time trying to develop my 'intellectual discipleship' and yet, I am so flawed and so far from Christ.

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