Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Things to Avoid

Ron Edmondson offers
7 Warning Signs You May Be a Controlling Leader
They are:
People start apologizing prior to approaching you with a new idea..
You don’t really know how people feel about you, but you assume they all approve of your leadership…
You assume you are always right…
You enjoy keeping others with less information than you have…
You think you should be involved in making all the decisions…
You fear others being in control of a project…
You ARE the final word on every decision…
The thing speaks for itself, I think, but I would add one other symptom. If you have a hard time recruiting leadership (not middle management mind you - leadership) you are probably a controlling leader. That one about "fear of others" is a deep, deep hint.

You know what is really troubling, is when the church breeds only followers, there is no one else to carry the gospel forward. That's pretty sad.

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