Thursday, June 09, 2011


What's at Core

Kruse looks at the "core" mission of the church:
The primary mission of the people of God is to reign over creation in holy communion with God and with each other. Caring for the earth, bringing it to fullness, and working the cultural institutions that bring flourishing to the earth and to humanity is what we do first and foremost.

But in this time between rebellion and the consummated new creation, there is a supplemental but essential call: The mission of reconciling the world to back to God and restoring humanity to functionary status in God’s temple-kingdom. Yet, reconciliation is not the primary mission. It is the essential work that restores people to community and to their primary mission.
THe idea that the church exists merely to evangelize (reconciliation) is one that I grow increasingly uncomfortable with and I am glad to see someone setting the idea in its proper context.

A church that views evangelism as its core missions is an incomplete church. I was thinking about this the other day and it struck me that the essentially difference between man and animal is that man can do something more than simply reproduce itself. Animals, particularly the lower forms really do exists as a species simply to keep going. Only we have a higher life.

So why then do we want to build our churches in a fashion that the resemble animalistic behavior?

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