Friday, June 03, 2011


You HAVE To Ask

MMI asks about megachurch pastors and money. He answers his own question:
But it brings up a point that I've heard leveled against large church pastors quite a few times. They thrive on the ego and money and glory of having a large church.

Knowing a fair number of megachurch pastors, I can say that this is just not the truth. That's not to say that there isn't a large degree of ego thrown in the mix in some situations... but really no more than I see if a pastor of any sized church.

Truthfully, the notion of anyone getting into the 'megachurch business' is ludicrous. With 300,000 churches in America, very few ever reach megachurch size. Those aren't very good odds from a business standpoint.

Besides... there are a lot of much easier ways to make a buck. Much easier.
There are some points on which I have to disagree. The odds of ANY business reaching "mega" levels of success are pretty small - the church is not unique that way. In fact, I would bet tat if you measure success by making a living rather than hitting the lotto, churches success rate is a bit better than other types - the food service business for example has an awful failure rate.

Secondly, the "ease" of a job is a relative thing. Depending on one's particular set of abilities what is an easy job for one person is hard for another and vice-versa.

In other words, absent his personal assurances, Tod offers no evidence against the premise. And that is my biggest problem with the whole enterprise - the lack of checks and balances. That lack is also why the suspicion is out there to begin with.

ONe of the major roles on institution is to provide mechanisms by which such suspicions, and realities can be avoided. In a sinful world, without such institution checks and balances, the corruption is inevitable. Heck it even happens with the checks and balances, but without them the probably is much, much higher.

That is not accusation, that is fact. The question is justified.

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