Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Are You Crusty?

Justin Taylor quotes Kevin DeYoung on the marks of a "crusty" Christian:
For starters, it’s an attitude. It’s a demeanor where being Calvinist or paedobaptist or inerrantist (three things I am gladly) are put on like armor or wielded like weapons, when they are meant to be the warm glow of a Christian whose core radiates with love for Christ and the gospel.


A second mark of crusty Christians is approachability, as in, not having any. There is a sizing up-ness that makes some theological types unnecessarily prickly.
Yesterday, we talked about pride, and here again we see pride, this time pride in our faith (Hmmm, something about 'wanting to be like God' comes to mind yet again.)yet again steps in the way of becoming fully God's.

I look at this and I think I am not sourdough crusty, but I am probably Wonderbread crusty. I don't generally wield my study and stances as a weapon, but I do often grow impatient at the lack of such in other people. I often grow bored at hearing someone tread intellectual ground that I tread decades ago. I often in my impatience sound patronizing when I should sound encouraging.

I honestly don't feel superior, just annoyed - I want to go farther, deeper - I want to keep moving. But that is crustiness too because the point is not for me to get where I want to be, but to help them get to where they want to be.

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