Friday, July 15, 2011


But It's Still A Ship...

John Piper:
Large spiritual passion with small doctrinal understanding is large sails and tall masts on a tiny boat in high winds. It will dart wildly over the surface for a hundred yards. Then one wave, or one crosswind, will bring it all crashing into the unforgiving sea.
Reasonable enough, but for some reason this imagery of balance did not appeal to me. For one thing, I think we tend more to be all ballast and no sail, moving sluggishly with not power. Piper does conclude:
Of course, if you are a sixty-ton flat-surfaced barge, with a broken engine, pray for God to give you sails and wind.
Which is probably how I would have started.

But I am trying to recall nautical imagery in scripture - not much. Is it because most people knew little about sailing? (Seems to me like everyone around Christ was boast savvy.)

Or maybe its becasue a ship is an autonomous thin, regardless of its balance.

I wonder if hyper-Calvinist Piper thought this one through?

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