Saturday, July 23, 2011


Comic Art


Except of course when their just, I don't know - stupid? I guess it is inevitable that when a super-hero is as inordinately attractive as Power Girl, she's gonna end up with a stalker or two. But let's face it, she is at Superman's power level, so you have to be simply stupid to stalk here. Hence we have Da'Bomb. (That name may be the lamest attempt at cultural relevance in the history of comics - even Captain Kirk on Star Trek encountering space hippies can't compare.)

Anyway, there is almost nothing to say about Da'Bomb other than - WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Shouldn't he at least have been African-American? Or would it be racist to have an ebonics-named character of the actual race that speaks ebonics. And could the DC universe handle an inter-racial stalking? (Like it is an actual relationship)

If this is all it takes to invent a bad guy, I need to get into writing comics.

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