Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Dealing With Self

My only concern in sharing this story is that we Christians have our own “Christian industrial complex” that we can find ourselves playing to without realizing it. We have a clear celebrity system which becomes very tempting to try to break into.

Those are temptations we need not fall into, but they are there nonetheless there. When we seek to break into them, the seeds of self-promotion are always present. And I hope I can warn any of you who may be susceptible, away from that.


I figure that I have now been a Christian for 10,000 days or so, so I’ve had at least 10,000 or more lessons in dying to self. Most of them I didn’t pay attention to. Now I do pay attention to those things.

And I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt – self-promotion can not be accommodated in true Christianity. In True Christianity, the self has to disappear, not be promoted.

I know one more thing beyond a shadow of a doubt. Jesus died for people who find it hard to die for Him. He’ll catch you when you are dying. You don’t need that self you were trying to promote, you need His grace – to the degree you can ditch the self, to that degree you’ll get more of Him.
Particularly poignant words from a man that is dying.

The cross was the beginning of our salvation. It is also our example.

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