Monday, July 18, 2011


Direction of Focus

MMI links to Brian Kaufman on the "inwardly-focused" church:
In my attempt to continue to identify the silly things we do as churches I decided to focus my attention on a few practices of churches that are more concerned with the activity inside its own walls than the community it rests within.
He goes on to list five symptoms of this problem. Funny thing is, they are all the kinds of things that "growth-oriented" churches do

Funny how that works. It is no accident that Kaufman illustrates his post with a picture of obese children.

Obesity is, after all, a form of growth but it is not a healthy one. Obesity is also a form of selfishness. Christ-likeness is selflessness.

So, what;s your church's body fat index? Might be worth putting some thought to.

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