Monday, July 11, 2011


Pride In All We Do

Justin Taylor quotes Tim Keller:
There are two ways to fail to let Jesus be your Savior.

One is by being too proud, having a superiority complex—not to accepted his challenge.

But the other is through an inferiority complex—being so self-absorbed that you say, “I’m just so awful that God can’t love me.” That is, not to accept his offer.
Note that word "self-absorbed" in the third paragraph. Won't that indicate that an inferiority complex is a form of pride too? "I'm not run of the mill bad - I'm 'God can't possibly love me' bad."

I am constantly reminded that Adam and Eve's temptation was not based in hunger, or even a quest for knowledge, but in the fact that they would "be like God." What's that old saying? "Pride goeth before the fall."

Salvation begins the process of becoming God's man or woman. But only when we can completely step off the throne of our lives and let God take His rightful place can we be truly said be fully Christian.

WHat chair are you sitting in right now?

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