Saturday, August 20, 2011


Comic Art


With more incarnations and more "civilians" alter egos that Carter has pills (does anyone get that reference anymore?) Clayface has to be one of the most confusing villains in the Batman pantheon. A pile of mud with eyes comes at you and the first question you have to ask is not "How do I beat this?" but instead is "Which pile of mud with eyes is this?" The images here are mostly of the Preston Payne version of the character becasue, I think he looks the coolest with that goofy helmet and all.

What I would really love to know is if this excuse for a character was in Stan Le's mind when he came up with the ides for Sandman to face Spidey - the ideas are too similar to miss.

Clayface is one of the few villains where I think that idiot 60's Batman TV show got it right. Played by Cliff Robertson he was not the walking bog of the comics, but a master of disguise - as close as possible to a non-powered shape shifter. The producers undoubtedly made the choice to do that for budgetary purposes, but it made things a bit more interesting. I mean come on, to track the mudball down all you have to do is follow the muddy footprints.

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