Monday, August 22, 2011


Do We Always Answer?

Mark Daniels links to a devotion that quotes Oz Guiness:
We may at times be unemployed,
but no one ever becomes uncalled.

Os Guiness in “The Call”
How many of us fail to answer the call? Even when unemployed we seem to be too busy, or too preoccupied, or just flat out unwilling.

Even worse, we keep trying to work out our call, but never quite figure out what it is - which means we never really have to do anything. In my experience, the only way to actually figure it out is to do something - just get busy. The "right" thing will eventually show up.

I think it matters much less what we do to serve the Lord, and much more that we simply do it. The key is the word "service." Let's face it, God can get things done on His own - he does not need us to do things - but we do need to "serve." It puts in the proper place and the proper perspective.

If we are willing to serve, then we are sufficiently malleable to allow God to make us into who we are truly supposed to be.

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