Monday, August 08, 2011


Growth as Byproduct

Milt Stanley quotes Keith Brenton. I like a slightly different pull quote:
How to Make a Church Grow

Don’t try.
Keith's point?
Don’t worry about uplifting worship times, awesome praise teams or incredibly gifted worship bands or dynamic speakers or cool videos or special programs or targeted ministries or awesome marketing or a big, sprawling building or sufficient parking or offering seeker services or traditional services or progressive services. Some of that may come, but fend it off as long as you can.

Tell them about Jesus. Show them Jesus. Win them to Jesus.
My point? We cannot make a church grow. It's not about what we do. We may be able to make the audience grow, we may be able to make donations grow, we may be able to make the staff grow - we may even be able to make the building grow.

Only the Holy Spirit can grow His church. If we will just get out of His way.

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