Wednesday, September 14, 2011



According to an online poll from, 34% of people who attend church leave because of a lack of personal connections there. 18% left because they felt unwelcomed.

And why do people stay? 53% say because of the friendships they’ve established at the church.
Personal connections...friendships...relationships. Seems pretty obvious to me. Christians make other Christians, the rest of it is window dressing.

At what point did the pastor become the decorator?

Now, many will argue that the top of any organization is really supposed to make an environment in which the "worker bees" can do their job, so that in a sense it is about "decorating."

But here is the thing - most pastors I know insist that it be about them. Services point to their preaching - people come to hear them. They are the star.

I've been to houses like that where you know the decorator, but not the people that live in it. They are called "show houses." No one lives that way.


If people come to church for relationship, then maybe it ought to look radically different.

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