Saturday, September 03, 2011


Comic Art

Next time there is a Thor movie, they have GOT to include today's villainous group - The Wrecking Crew. Powerful enough to destroy the planet, stupid enough to get lost in a paper bag, this group is both evil and very, very funny.

Their power, originally, was derived by stealing Asgardian power (Thor stuff) so they were capable of fighting the likes of the Hulk to a standstill - these guys were baaaaaaad.

And yet all they really wanted to do was rob banks. Yes, they could have stolen the whole building - just picked it up and walked off with it - but no, they had to just go for the money. Fort Knox was theirs for the pickin', but they just wanted pocket change. Heck, they could rule a lot of planets.

The Wrecking Crew have now lost their Asgardian levels of power (though they remain incredibly strong) and spend their lives trying to get it back. I mean they work really, really hard at it. A lot harder than they would work if they just got a job moving pianos. Again proof of how ultimately dumb this bunch of meatheads really is.

They usually hang together - all four of them big enough to not fit through a door - in some one bedroom flop in Brooklyn - IN COSTUME!

My favorite would be the guy with the metal head. (Bulldozer) Why do guys, even really, really strong guys, insist on butting things with their heads like goats? I don't care how strong you are, you butt the Hulk with your head and you're going to break your neck. At least put a point on that helmet for crying out loud.

The next Thor movie needs serious comic relief. FOUND IT!

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