Saturday, September 17, 2011


Comic Art

I have talked at length how I find Hawkman to be one of the most visually stunning, if grossly mismanaged, characters in all of comics. Well, his archnemesis Gentleman Ghost shares that distinction.

This character is probably far better known as a Batman villain - that's TV for you. Unable to leave GG's visual impact to the lesser known and read Hawks, he has made his way to the little screen in the cartoons.

The Hawk's have traveled between the worlds of SciFi heores and magical heroes their entire existence - as they have transitioned, so has the Gentleman Ghost, although I can find little information of his changing story. I seem to remember some decidedly unghostly origins in his past - or am I confusing him with Shadow-Thief?

Anyway, there is something about that headless, well dressed if outdated look that just captures the imagination and the eye. The rendering at top right is one of those that makes me appreciate modern comic production techniques. The subtlety of that image just could not be accomplished with old school four color newsprint technology, but man does it get the character across.

Visuals notwithstanding, bring back the Hawkman/Gentleman Ghost stories! THese characters need more of their original plays.

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