Monday, September 19, 2011


First Ask IF You Really Want "Leaders"

Brian Croft at 9Marks:
How do I identify future pastors/elders in the congregation?
He is asking the question in the context of an independent Evangelical church:
I get this question and others like it all the time. With a movement to establish a plurality of pastors/elders on the rise, the answer to this question has become that much more important and relevant. Because the pastors of our congregation just put forward 2 men for consideration to become pastors, the process of identifying these men is pretty fresh on my mind.
But before going there, I think he needs to address some more fundamental issues. To many places I know don't want real "leaders," they want someone they can tilt up to shore up the existing leadership structure, or they want sacrificial leader to serve as a first defense, or they want a bunch of "Yes" men about. Few leaders I know in the church want other true leaders about.

Part of that is becasue much that passes for current leadership in the church is actual leadership. I'll try and avoid a whole bunch of condemnation here, but genuine leadership breeds other leaders. Most of what we have around these days is so concerned with "working out their own ministry" that they have no time to breed others.

You see, leadership serves something greater than itself. The movement Croft discusses is really about "pastors" that have built an organization around themselves, but have learned that once they go the institution they worked so hard to build will fall apart - so NOW they start worrying about how to make it continue.

Problem with that is that if they were real leaders they would have been more worried about the institution from the very beginning. That's the whole idea behind service as a leader.

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