Thursday, September 22, 2011


In a Blog Post?

So on my reader came a blog post by Josh Etler at Desiring God:
How to Live Like Christ
There is no blog length answer to that one I thought and clicked in. Of course what it really was was a link to a John Piper sermon with a somewhat narrower focus than the blog post might lead us to believe - though it remained pretty broad.

That set me to reflecting on the use of modern marketing techniques in church. One of the things these techniques seek to do is reduce the message to its smallest possible formulation and repeat it and repeat it. But can Christianity - the Christian lief - be reduced to such a thing? It's a fine way to sell soap, but we're not selling soap here.

I for one am also not interested in a winnowing process where the church becomes some sort of filter sorting the somewhat interested from the deeply engaged. I want everyone to become deeply engaged.

There is a lot to be learned from modern marketing techniques, but learning from them is different than adopting them whole hog.

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