Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The Jew Has A Point

Dennis Prager:
At some point in my early years, it dawned on me that I had not seen a single church with a "Save Soviet Christians" sign. Even more amazingly, I encountered Christian clergy -- Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox -- at every one of the scores of Soviet Jewry rallies at which I spoke. But while these wonderful Christians were outspoken on behalf of Soviet Jews, they were nearly all silent regarding -- or even simply ignorant of -- the dire plight of Soviet Christians.


This history is repeating itself.

In the Muslim world, Christians are being murdered, churches are being torched, entire ancient Christian communities -- the Iraqi and Palestinian, for example -- are disappearing. And, again, 2 billion Christians react with silence. There are some Christian groups active on behalf of persecuted Christians around the world. They do important work, and are often the primary source of information on persecuted Christians. But they would be the first to acknowledge that the Christian world is overwhelmingly silent when it comes to the persecution of Christians in the Muslim world.
It is a terribly interesting question. Some of the question reflects the unique Jewish viewpoint - we as Christians have commands to obey governing authorities and to "consider it all joy" when we suffer persecution that Jews do not. We also have command to do justice, but then we read that as feeding the poor in nations willing to take our money, but not helping those imprisoned and killed unjustly. Hmmm.

This requires a lot of thought, I am not sure if we should be visiting nations that persecute Christians and fomenting revolution - but I will tell you this, there is one thing I think we MUST do.

We MUST use the political power we have in this nation to lobby our government to stand up for justice in nations that persecute Christians. There is nothing in such a move that violates any mandate of Scripture that I know.

So get busy

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