Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Marketing That REALLY Doesn't Help

Marketing is a means of selling things, and usually selling things that we really don't need. Think about it. There was not a lot of marketing when all there was to buy was food. Now we want to sell widgets and gadgets, and what-nots. That is one of the problems I have with marketing a church - it says church is not something we necessarily need.

So, some genius decided to capitalize on that fact by some sort of ersatz counter-marketing:
The word on the street is simple – “church sucks.”

Plastered throughout one city in northern California are signs stating the same message, stirring some controversy among the local residents.

But it’s all part of the plan, according to Stu Streeter, the lead pastor of Disciples Church in Folsom.

Using the slogan as a way to attract those who have stopped attending church, Streeter, along with Adam Adams, his connection ministry director, have teamed up to ironically bring people back into the church, reported El Dorado Hills Telegraph.

“The whole point behind it was twofold,” the pastor told EDHT. “To stir awareness and that we have something to say.”
Like most good things there is a grain of truth here - one of the reasons we perceive we do not need church is that church has in most cases gone horribly awry. But this seeks to therefore jettison the baby with the bathwater - under the guise of trying to save church, we send the message that church is awful.

Is it any wonder that people don't like church when it is this confusing - and this needy?

Come to think of it, marketing says "we need you to buy our product." How much spiritual and moral authority is there in a product that begs you to buy it? Not much.

It is time we started acting like what we are, standing on the sold rock, empowered by the Holy Spirit - unless you do not understand that such is what you are, then I might work on that for a bit.

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