Thursday, September 29, 2011


Modelling Resurrection

Lynne M. Baab @ Thoughtful Christian:
In the interview I talked about the betrayal/denial – death – resurrection pattern that we see in Easter, and that we all experience, in big and small ways, in our friendships. After the interview I found myself thinking more about my own experiences of betrayal. Today, the day before Good Friday, the day we call Maundy Thursday, is a day when a big betrayal and a big denial happened (Judas and Peter), and when a smaller betrayal happened as well (the disciples falling asleep when their teacher and friend needed them). On this day we can profit from thinking about the betrayals in our own lives. Are we open to God’s resurrection?

About 15 years ago I had a conflict with a friend. It felt like a major betrayal, and I walked away from the friendship. It took me years to forgive her. This week I’m finding myself wondering if I have truly been open to God’s resurrection power in that relationship.
Once again I am struck be the cheap view of grace in this simple analogy. It is good that she forgave her friend, but relationship is a two way street and forgiveness in this sense cannot equal reconciliation. What has her (ex-)friend done?

Yes, Christ's resurrection defeated sin - and yet we are still sinners - pretty much ever day. If we do not at least endeavor to not sin today we force Christ through His death and resurrection on that daily basis. Is that something a friend does? Does a friend injure someone daily?

Well, close relationships involve such injury often, but they also involve a concerted effort not to do so and profuse apology - there is much effort put into overcoming the hurt that was involved. The injury is not treated as insignificant, and if it is, relationships often end - rightfully.

It s fair to say that in our current cultural state, we have a low relational pain threshold, but that is no reason to cheapen genuine grace.

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