Monday, October 03, 2011


Character and Faith

Ron Edmundson lists the "5 High Costs of Character":

OK, fair enough, but why do we "count costs" in this fashion. Think about this for a minute. When you really want something - when it is of great value to you, do you worry about the cost or simply look for a way to get the cash together?

I guess the answer depends on if you are a glass half empty or full kind of person, but are we not as Christians to be glass half full types? We have a faith of promise, are we not to act like it?

Yeah, I know - I often talk about the "realistic sell" around here, but the promises are as real as the costs. When I want to present Christianity realistically, I want us to present it as something so radically different from the reality that we know that the costs will appear high, but the end product is worth so much more than those high costs that we cannot afford not to pay the price.

Some people are so afraid of disappointment that they never try to get what they want - they figure they will never have it. I am not that way, but I certainly understand the mindset, but when it comes to life with Christ we can't be disappointed. The promises of Christ are not going anywhere, all we really have to do is overcome our concern that they are.

The "high costs" Edmundson refers to are really bargains - that's the message of Christianity.

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