Saturday, October 29, 2011


Comic Art


Honestly now, if you were trying to come up with the most disgusting mutant power ever, that was not pornographic, could you do much better than a prehensile tongue? And yet, we have Toad. The tongue is a fairly modern thing, coming up in the movies, but the character is as old as the Silver Age of Comics. Toad was originally, as conceived by Lee/Kirby a hunchback toady for Magneto to push around.

The addition of the tongue has made the character interesting, but there has got to be a better way. I mean real toads do not have prehensile tongues, so why should the mutant Toad. Why not give him a wart giving power? - even that would be less disgusting. Besides, have a power that does somethig takes away all the toady aspects of his character and every big baddy needs a dog to kick when things go wrong, so I kinda liked the old, undisgusting Toad. Once again, I am out-of-step with modern sensibility, because this little bit of ugly is really popular.

One question - where does that appendage go when it's not grabbing stuff?

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