Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It's a good thing

Michael Johnson @ DG:
In a previous post, Tim Chester asserts that we can only change through ongoing daily faith and daily repentance. In other words, repentance is not exclusively for the non-Christian. Rather, together with ongoing faith, repentance should be normative for the Christian.

But this call to daily repentance is not a burden for God’s children! Rather, it is good news. It’s just not easy.
I found it stunning to see it written this way. First of all, repentance is ALWAYS good news. It is difficult (think Chesterton here) but I alo9s find it stunning that anyone would think repentance was "exclusively for the non-Christian." After all, we Christians still sin.

But then it seems that most of what we want in this day and age is the comfortable and easy. We want to be like Christ, but only in the good stuff. He was persecuted by religious officialdom, we want to go to the most popular church in town. He carried a cross to his own execution. We want to sit on the couch and watch Jesus TV, buying Jesus gee-gaws and consider our selves saved. We can't even bring ourselves to admit our mistakes so we confuse theology to avoid it. We're pathetic.

Yep, repentance is good news. Too bad we cannot bring ourselves to it.

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