Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Squaring Up Love

I am constantly bewildered by how often people look to only aspects of God. For example - they say "God is Love," quoting scripture, but they then develop a fizzy definition of love that allows them to act as if God is something entirely different than he really is. Therefore I loved this post from Adrian Warnock:
Love is not some insipid woolly emotion offered to everyone in the same way irrespective of their response. Love is passionate. Infinite love is infinitely passionate.
God’s love has content.


But God is not carelessly indifferent as some imagine him to be. God’s anger burns with a holy fire precisely because he loves. It is not that love and anger are set against each other, and that somewhere in the middle a lukewarm God is forged. No, God is wrathful because it hurts him to see the destruction sin has wrought in the ones he loves.


The whole argument of Romans is that God is faced with a dilemma. How can he be just and the one that forgives sins? It is only in the cross that a solution to this is found. It is not that Jesus saves us from an angry God. He himself is angry at sin. He is both the refuge and the one from which we must run. He chooses to offer us a way out. Then he warns us, that since this is the only way out, if we trample all over the offer, there is nothing left for us but wrath.
I called this post "Squaring Up God" because that is the carpenter's term for making something "true." To build almost anything, you have to start by taking that which is skewed and making it "true," which means a straight and perpendicular line. Once you have established that, the rest of the structure comes together pretty easily.

You know those mission trips that "build a house in a day." There's a "trick." The houses are designed to specific dimensions so that the builders don't have to spend a lot of time cutting and fitting - they can use the materials as they come from the supplier. But to do that the foundation and frames have to be "true," or "squared up."

If we really want to know about God's love - we have to have a true vision of what love is. Adrian informs us of such here.

Is you view of God squared up?

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