Friday, October 28, 2011


What To Do At Church?

9Marks links to a blogging debate on whether there should be theological education in local churches, collated here. I have to be honest - I read through part of it and quit - there was a bit too much self-importance involved and a bit too much view of theology as "the secret knowledge" of Christianity.

I just want to make two brief comments.

Firstly, theology is not that big a deal - it is possible to be a very mature functional Christian without a whole lot of theological knowledge. I think most of us are helped by how we understand and think about things, but that does not have to rise to the level of theological study. What we want to do is meet people where they are and help them mature in the way that best suits them. That means there will be theology for some, but for many, not.

Secondly, every Christian is entitled to as much knowledge, reading and study as they want. Office, not so much, that is a matter of character, but knowledge, heck yeah. By cordoning off knowledge as for the select we make that seem like what we need for office, and it allows those of us in leadership to avoid the character question - which I think is the root of many problems the church faces today.

Christianity is mentored, not learned.

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