Monday, November 14, 2011



That's the new buzzword isn;t it. We want "authentic" leaders. "Authentic" churches. (I am reminded of all the charges of "hypocrisy" that were leveled at adults by my generation when we were the age of all those looking for "authenticity," but I digress) Ron Edmondson tries to describe what and "authentic" leader looks like:
Be honest…do the people you lead know the real you?
Ohhhh...Almost! See, the "real" you is ugly. Not just a little ugly, not just kinda, ugly - I mean grossly ugly, nasty, vile, hideous. If you think otherwise you are slipping into inauthentic land. I, for one, do not want the real you.

I want the humble, confessing you. And that is where it gets really hard.

See, when they ask for authenticity, they want someone as winsome as Christ - REALLY! Well, I have not met that person yet. I don't think any of us have hit that bar yet. So, "authentic" presents a problem. The "real" you can't be winsome, only be making the effort to be winsome and confessing, frequently failures in that department.

Problem, that's not going to be really popular or really attractive, it's just gonna be real.

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