Saturday, November 12, 2011


Comic Art


Or are they? We may never know in this case, because it has finally happened. I often consult lists to jog my memory and get ideas for this space. Well, the list I looked at today brought up a name I can't recall. So research I do, and nope, never heard of the guy - The Baffler.

He's a foe for Robin and early in the days of the Boy Wonder going solo, so that should give you a hint. Here's the description I read:
Titus Czonka was a jackhammer operator before he turned to crime. He grew sick of the average joe lifestyle, and wanted to be known and remembered as a super villain. However, Czonka was not very bright, was not even slightly "evil" at heart, and failed at most independent attempts to do...well, just about anything. Never the less he began a life of villainy.
No wonder I never heard of the guy - "lame" does not even begin to cover it.

To borrow from the other publisher - 'Nuff Said.

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