Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Competition Gone Very Wrong

MMI presents a video of a preacher declaring John Piper as a "dangerous heretic." Strong words. Follow the link and watch - this is no passing comment this guy goes on and on and on about it.

Set me to thinking. If I am completely honest, I loved John Piper before he became JOHN PIPER. Now I worry when he seems to have some sort of psuedo-intellectual theology comment about everything. And no I won't step over the line the guy int he video has, I would like to think I am a bit smarter than that. My point is the bigger the media presence this higher my suspicions rise.

As a rule of thumb, mass success means compromise of some sort in the realm of ideas. But in the internet age where one can acquire a significant niche audience, is that true? Oh, self-promotion is still required and that is a issue, but not my point.

My point is the pride involved in such judgments. I may not make the same compromises as someone with mass success, but we all compromise on something. AS Piper probably makes mistakes, so the fundy preacher makes mistakes and so I make mistakes.

The question is how we handle them.

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